UKIP Councillors on their way to BrusselsWelcome to the UK Independence Party Bognor Regis and Littlehampton branch website.

UKIP is a liberal, non racist patriotic party that believes in putting Britain first by withdrawing from the European Union. Our website includes information about UKIP policies, local and national UKIP news and issues and the latest on your local UKIP supporters and elected Councillors working hard in your area. Come along to one of our local meetings or events to find out more about UKIP and how you can help.

We need your support and are actively looking for new candidates to stand as UKIP candidates in the 2015 district elections.

If you wish to join or support our local team, please contact us for details of meetings, newsletters and events.

Find out more about UKIP by watching the speeches from this years conference.

Newly elected UKIP Councillors on their way to Brussels, June 2013

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